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Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study 

Greater Ideal is a church that believes in building up the spiritual man stronger.  On Wednesday night, bible study is held in the sanctuary for both men and women.  Our studies have been coming from Rightnow Media who believe that the mission of the church matters. That everything they do at RightNow Media is rooted in Jesus’s promise that God will use his people to change the world.

Next Week New Bible Study
You can now log into the current bible study virtually by clicking the Join Us link below.

The Acts of the Apostles LOUIE GIGLIO Description In a world that is unsure of where to find truth or purpose, the book of Acts stands apart. It reveals God’s plan for global redemption, his purpose for our lives, and the power he has given us to accomplish his mission. Join pastor Louie Giglio in this eight-session series as he walks through the story of the early church. Acts may have been written two thousand years ago, but God is calling us to be a part of that story today.

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