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Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study 

Greater Ideal is a church that believes in building up the spiritual man stronger.  On Wednesday night, bible study is held in the sanctuary for both men and women.  Our studies have been coming from Rightnow Media who believe that the mission of the church matters. That everything they do at RightNow Media is rooted in Jesus’s promise that God will use his people to change the world.

You can now log into the current bible study virtually by clicking the Join Us link below.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry JOHN MARK COMER Description We are all busy. Some of us can't remember the last time we rested or even had free time. Our busyness can feel productive but it is a toxic distraction, sapping our spiritual, physical, and emotional vitality. It may seem like we have no choice but to live at a frantic pace, but God has a better path for us. Join pastor and author John Mark Comer in this five-part series as he addresses one of the greatest threats to our spiritual lives: hurry. Instead of allowing our calendars and screens to control our lives, Jesus offers us a new rhythm of life, overflowing with grace, peace, and beauty.

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